Concrete Curbing Victoria, BC

Curbing is used for many reasons but mostly to bring depth, demarcation, and an organization to a property. Curbing is customizable and can be customized in a varied number of sizes depending on their use. For the process of concrete curbing, we measure the anticipated area and build a trench that is then filled with concrete and left to dry. This concrete trench is then formed into a curb edge to you liking to complement your outdoor area.

Curbing Practicality

Curbing is practical and helps to create a clean and organized appearance to concrete surfaces. Most curbing projects can easily be completed within 2 days, depending on the size of curb. Commonly used in parking lots to redirect traffic appropriately, curbing allows for drivers to access areas while marking off others. Concrete curbing ads protection to your other surface areas such as your surrounding sidewalks, lawns or driveways. Mailboxes are usually placed on curbs that have been built to form a barrier between the road and the lawn, to allow easy access for mailmen but to prevent others from driving their vehicles onto the lawn.


Also used in many landscaping projects, concrete curbing helps to line your flower beds, stairs, and your lawn from the main road or driveway. Landscape curbing is also done to embed gardens and prevent them from flooding or erosion.

Concrete curbing can be customized in virtually any way needed to complement your lawn and is not likely to damage like some other lawn care materials such as metal or wood. These materials do not bend as easily and can rust and break over time, making them impractical for long-term landscaping durability. With concrete curbing, we can help you build a trench that is pre-curved and looks seamless on your lawn when installed. Landscape curbing also will not damage your current lawn, but rather it adds colour and texture to your yard.

Driveway and Sidewalk Curbing

Perhaps the most common use for concrete curbing is on driveways and sidewalks. This is because, many of these surfaces already come paved with concrete or existing materials that are often lined with or adjacent to your lawn.

To avoid vehicle traffic and other vehicles from coming onto your plant or grass, curbing helps to redirect traffic and provide a natural looking protection barrier to your lawn. Sometimes used for irrigation purposes, curbing creates a crevice for debris and water to flow into for drains and easy cleanup. We have been creating and designing concrete curbing for decades that are able to enhance the functionality of your lawn and protect your concrete surfaces.



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