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Concrete Flatwork Process

Concrete flatwork is the technique of pouring concrete onto a plane-like surface with a built-in frame or lining. The planes usually have already been sectioned and measured, so concrete is poured in the middle of the surface to fill in the gap and add a filling structure to the panels. This technique is often used for replacing certain areas of concrete or creating concrete surface that must be built before installed.



Concrete flatwork is used in the creation of driveways to build and pour driveways that appropriately frame your house. Without flatwork structures, your driveway is in risk of improper drying, erosion, uneven surfaces, and much more. Pouring concrete, the wrong way can also lead to future damage both to your home and your pavement.

Concrete flatworks are implemented to create safe and clean barriers that align your concrete with the outside of property, giving it maximum effect for use. This also allows it to integrate nicely and smoothly into your landscaping and overall exterior. If concrete isn’t poured into a flatwork, driveways that suffer from sloping and curves remain faulty, along with the vehicles that drive on them.


Ramps are another great example of concrete flatwork in its normal use. To install a ramp for those in wheelchairs or making deliveries, bordering panels are erected on each side of where the ramp will connect the two concrete surfaces, usually a sidewalk to a building entrance. To avoid sloppy concrete from erosion, drying at a bumpy or improper angle, the flatwork method is implemented to give ramps a smooth texture that is easy for wheels. We follow the rules and regulations set out by the The Americans with Disabilities Act, which oversees the sizes, quantity, and implementation of ramps for those in wheelchairs, so you can be sure that any ramp we install is done so under federal regulations and with the utmost care and quality.


Since sidewalks are often only allowed to take up an allotted space, concrete flatworks come in the play as the commonly used method of concrete pouring. Sidewalks are measured and given panel linings that allow for concrete to be poured in only the anticipated section. The concrete is then dried into this section only and built up for an ongoing sidewalk. Sidewalks can often be achieved as one large concrete flatwork job, or in phases of concrete slabs that have been dried together in a row.


Like sidewalks, your patios are only allotted specific spaces to avoid taking up a larger area than you’d like. To create these concrete surfaces that do not spill onto your yard or into your pool, concrete flatwork techniques are used to create tile-like slabs that fit evenly around your patio are. Due to concrete’s durability and resistance to heat and water, it is often the preferred material for patio surfaces as it still provides protection and traction for foot traffic, even if poured in with the flatwork method.

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