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Concrete Stamping & Staining Victoria

How it looks

Both concrete staining and stamping are done by slightly penetrating the surface area of the concrete to customize color or your pattern design. Through these methods, we’re able to create the illusion that concrete looks like other building materials such as brick or wood, but with the same toughness and properties of concrete.

Concrete stamping and staining can be customized to match your business or home’s overall appearance if you have a look you’d like to achieve. Stamping and staining your concrete, however, most often ensures that your basic concrete is given a refreshing look that complements your other structures and fixtures.


The art of concrete stamping can be done in virtually any pattern, shape or design. Stamping is used by creating a stencil like tool to help stamp and emboss the surface into patterns that imitate other flooring materials such as brick, wood and tiles. Stamping helps to add traction and texture to an otherwise regular concrete surface. Stamping can be done fairly easy and is perfect for indoor and outdoor furnishings, such as sidewalks, kitchens and patios.

Staining Concrete

By adding a color to the surface layer of your concrete, we can customize a stain color that lightly tints your concrete and creates a new surface color. Staining helps to add brightness, colour and depth to dated, plain or generic concrete. The process does not tint the entire slab of concrete, but rather gives color to the top surface which creates a gradient staining effect. Color staining can easily be used with specific patterns, stencils, designs, and much more.


Not only is staining and stamping a beautiful way to decorate your concrete, but the many design options helps create a versatile surface and flooring material that is hard to match elsewhere. With concrete’s strong toughness and resistance to many substances such as fire and water, it’s a commonly requested and used material for infrastructure and construction purposes. Stamping and staining helps take regular concrete to the next level, giving it a soft finish that you can easily match to your landscape surroundings or home furnishings.

By stamping and staining your concrete, you don’t lose the sturdy properties that makes concrete so desirable, but rather add value to your once plain concrete as it is now personalized and defined to your desire. Once concrete has been stained or stamped, we always recommend putting sealing agents and colour coatings on your concrete to ensure its longevity from every day wear and tear, keeping it fresh and clean.

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