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5 Different types of Foundation Repair

Concrete Pros uses Numerous practices to approach special repair scenarios across the Victoria and Vancouver Island areas. Done Proper Foundation Repair can evaluate the area of base damage on your house and create a plan for fixing it.

We’ll help keep you Informed as we find the origin of your base difficulties and suggest a correct strategy for repair. We’re one of the only firms in Victoria that provides 5 kinds of base restoration!

Concrete Pros Foundation Repair is one of the only firms in Victoria that provides 5 unique kinds of base repair. Victoria’s most frequent foundation issues are no match for its high quality and experience of the Concrete Pros Foundation Repair team.

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Concrete Press Pile

The concrete media stack is utilized extensively in single story houses.

Concrete media Piles are concrete columns which are pushed into the ground under your base. Movable concrete cylinders are piled underground to permit limited soil movement while keeping a usable support arrangement.

Concrete piles Have to be pushed deep underground to work. They’re topped with a cap bit that supports an extra two concrete cylinders which help distribute the weight out of the home evenly on the underground support.

Concrete media piles are so Frequent thanks to:

Quick Setup

The basic materials and simple installation of concrete piles makes setup fast and easy.

Immediate Availability

There is no need to await concrete to dry — tanks are prefabricated and ready to work with whenever they’re installed.


Easy setup and minimal stuff signifies your concrete press stack will cost significantly less across the board.

History of Effectiveness

Concrete service structures are used in contemporary home for quite a while with a fantastic set of reliability.

Drilled Bell Bottom Piers

All these are commonly used for industrial buildings.

Drilled bell bottom piers are poured piers. Poured piers are put, drilled, and then full of concrete to fortify the construction of this pier.

The drill used To make room for the concrete generates a bell-shaped protrusion in the base of the dock to make a permanent support structure. Once concrete is poured to the drilled place, the concrete must dry. The drying process takes time during which additional structure can’t be started.

Drilled bell bottom piers are:

Less Expensive when the home is raised, drilled bell bottom piers require no touch with the house.

Have Measurable Depth The thickness of drilled piers are readily observed and quantified.

Steel Interlocking Piers

Steel interlocking piers function best for big jobs and two-story homes.

Steel piers are Capable of resolving the issues of settlement as a result of their strong steel layout. Heavy-duty steel mounts are pushed by hydraulic pressure to the ground under the bottom of the base.

The weight of The residence will then be dispersed via the piers and to stable soil or bedrock, which provides permanent support.

The piers are Interlocking, which offers additional support and also a broader surface area by which weight could be dispersed.

These piers are Fantastic for:

Lifting a home’s foundation to its first place

Minimizing disturbance during installation

Cast-in-Place Piles

Cast-in-place is typical for patios and pier and beam houses.

Cast-in-place Piles are beams which have a steel beam center along with a concrete-based outer arrangement. This arrangement allows for higher quantities of vibration and changing before harm occurs.

Small houses and Patios gain from a slightly more aerodynamic arrangement with assistance from Steel

Block & Base

All these are used for homes with wooden frames That Have to be Raised over the ground.

Masonite cubes Sit on the surface of the ground and are encouraged by other outdoor beams which are usually made out of timber. An inside beam usually runs down the middle of the house.

The end result is a Narrow crawlspace beneath the house in which the supports gradually settle in the soil. But, poorly assembled block & foundation foundations are typical and require repair frequently.

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