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Concrete Flatwork is the technique of pouring concrete onto a plane-like surface with a built-in frame or lining. 


Cracking and deterioration are most often the result of poor preparation, improper mixing, and failed application process.


Curbing is used for many reasons but mostly to bring depth, demarcation, and an organization to a property.

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We provide excellent residential concrete and commercial flatwork services. To make sure that your job is performed to your satisfaction, rely on the experts of Concrete Pros Victoria. Our services stand out from the other concrete companies in Victoria because of the quality we offer. Our  contractors have decades of experience working on commercial and residential projects. Whether it’s a small job or a major  project, we outwork the other concrete companies in Victoria, BC. You deserve the highest quality of service possible and you’re sure to find it when you get in touch with the professional masonry services we offer. We have everything that we need to offer you the most efficient  job possible.

Concrete Pros Victoria has been around for many years, playing a significant role in the development of many developments in Victoria. buildings, stairs, walkways, and more in Victoria. With the high quality of craftsmanship that our contractors have, it isn’t hard to get why our services are preferred over many other concrete companies in the area. We are bringing you the best  masons, who can apply the skills and qualifications needed to complete any concrete projects. We stand out from the pack because of our top quality services and affordable rates.

Concrete can be a tricky substance to work with. If Installation is completed correctly, it can provide large amounts of safety, practicality, and durability to many of your your surfaces.

It’s a low-maintenance flooring opportunity and offers many of the benefits that some of the other flooring systems lack. This often can include cost, upkeep requirements, durability, and the ability to create your own unique style.

Regardless of how you use it, it has become more popular for outdoor and sometimes indoor use to people that want a sturdy and strong flooring system. Where you install concrete determines the texture of finish it has, any additional patterns or added-on designs, and much more.

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About Concrete Pros Victoria

Our concrete team in Victoria has been leading the pack in the British Columbia concrete industry with professional concrete services and top notch customer service for many years. Our work is done through careful assessment and repairs, planning to concrete installation, and we ensure its delivered and executed the way the customer wants it!

Our concrete jobs range from walkways to driveways, and commercial properties to parking garages. We offer solutions that are customized to resist damage and encourage practicality, comfort, and safety on your surfaces.

We are a team of highly-trained professional concrete contractors that understand the patience and professionalism needed to create beautiful concrete structures and surfaces for your outdoor or indoor surfaces.

Our Concrete Services in Victoria BC

If you want to know more about our concrete services or would like to have a conversation with one of our concrete contractors directly about the type of contracting services we can offer you, simply get in touch with us to book an appointment.

While most of our services are the industry standard, our concrete consultations help to gauge and manage our clients ‘requirements, at the same time we get to view the area they’d like us to work with.

Now, we’re currently able to provide our clients the following professional services:

  • repair
  • flat work
  • curbing
  • stamping & staining
  • Foundations; and construction services.


Flatwork is the technique of pouring it onto a plane-like surface with a built-in frame or lining. The planes have often already been measured and sectioned, so concrete is poured in the middle of the surface to fill in the gap and add a filling structure to the panels. This method is often used for replacing specific areas of concrete or creating concrete surface that need to be built before installed.


Damages can be unsightly and frustrating, causing damage to your business or even your home. To eliminate future stress to both yourself and your concrete surface, it’s crucial to tackle the damages in your concrete quick and accordingly to avoid a bigger problem later. Repairs can often be done with methods of filing and crack filling, but depending on the concrete damage, it may require further assessment and action for full repair.


Curbing is the use of pouring it to properly line, divide, and demark surfaces from one another. Curbing is often used outdoors on landscaping jobs or sometimes on sidewalks and driveways to show where one’s yard ends and the road begins. Curbing is a crucial technique that should be completed with care, as improper curbing sometimes results in injury or damage.

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 flatwork started


Stamping & Staining is a great way to give a customized and updated look. To put an interesting twist on basic grey concrete, concrete stamping and staining is created through the combining and mixing of art-like utensils to make a unique look on your concrete. Often requested for indoor spaces such as kitchenware or flooring, concrete stamping and staining is a rugged method to style up the appearance of your basic concrete.


We offer interior and exterior concrete resurfacing to all Victoria businesses and homeowners so that you can extend the useful life and look of your driveways, patios, floors and sidewalks.

  • Residential Resurfacing
  • Commercial Resurfacing
  • Resurfacing Options
  • Residential Resurfacing

Many types of residential surfaces can be restored if the concrete isn’t cracked all the way through the slab. This includes patios, walkways driveways, sidewalks, porches, basement and garage floors. We also offer concrete resurfacing that has been stained, stamped or colored.

The process starts with a vigorous cleaning of your current surface to remove debris, dirt and rocks. We then fill or patch all the cracks and holes in the surface. If the concrete contains expansion joints, they will be taped off to prevent the resurfacing material from entering the joints and stopping them from expanding and contracting with changes in the weather.

Thereafter, we will mix and then apply a unique blend of concrete that contains cement and polymers. This unique resurfacing mix will be layered over your existing concrete until it is about 1/16th of an inch. Once the new surface has dried and cured, it is as durable and aesthetically pleasing as new concrete.


Our technicians also resurface the concrete in and around all types of commercial buildings. We can resurface commercial walkways, sidewalks, concrete driveways and pathways as well as porches and patios used by guests and employees. The process for resurfacing commercial  is the same as for residential concrete. We will clean the surface, patch and fill cracks and holes and apply a thin layer of resurfacer. Once the new surface as dried, the concrete is as durable and beautiful as the original concrete install.


As with most structures, the foundation is crucial to securing the buildings’ safety and livelihood for use. Without a solid foundation, the structure or building can be open to damage through weathering effects, deterioration, or even excessive use. Strong and solid foundations help create a durable skeleton for the rest of the building structure.

​Construction Services

The way we approach construction is much more than finishing a structure. We create structures that will improve and emphasize the community, structures that turn to be useful, and we do this by helping clients with their ideas to make it work. Construction jobs require consulting and a great eye for detail to blend it into the community system as a durable structure.

​Contact Us – Your Complete Cement Contractors

We work very close with each one of our clients to bring a complete solution that they will be proud of – and because of this, we’re continually opening our dialogue and bringing our customers into every aspect of the decision-making process, from materials uses to timing. If you’d like to get in touch with us today to learn how we can renovate your concrete surfaces, give us a call or send an email. We monitor our service line to answer any questions you may have, and our representatives are waiting to respond to any email inquiries that come our way!

Whatever your needs is in Victoria, BC you can always rely on the preferred services of Concrete Pros Victoria. We are the only company name you need to know when you need concrete work performed. If you want to know our process for customizing your curbing or walkway, simply contact one of our certified professionals to discuss this with them in full detail. We offer all of our customers a no-obligation, complimentary consultation. Regardless of your service needs, you can rest assure that with the amount of qualifications and experience of our concrete contractors, you’ll get exactly what you want and need towards any project or task you need us to complete. If you want concrete work performed at a rate that is practical, make sure you get in touch with Concrete Pros Victoria! 

GREAT JOB!! I am so pleased with the job they did on my sidewalk.

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